David de Gea Accepts New Manchester United Deal

It is disclosed that David de Gea has come closer to agreeing the Manchester United’s new contract. David, who has been playing for the team as a goalkeeper for long will be completing all the details that have been on terms in the region. The term mentions that a basic of £290,000 is earned by Paul Pogba and the Spaniard is yet to sign the contract soon which is well understood. With the new contract on its way between Manchester United and David de Gea, a goalkeeper will earn similar wages as that of a player like Paul Pogba. This is absolutely a new thing which will be seen when David will be signing the deal.

De Gea will be out of the contract during the next summer. So it is necessary to make a new deal between him and the club before the earlier contract ends. Some new statements will mention in the new deal. This deal will state that Manchester United will get the allowance to protect one asset of the player whose price in the market can go up to approximately £80m. This is something new and has not been done in any of the earlier contracts for the side of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed as caretaker manager for Manchester United, he was partly given the responsibility to convince all players who are vital to the club that their future will remain in the hands of them. Anthony Martial was signed for another long term with the club. With David de Gea agreeing to sign the contract once again, it is being seen as a great success by the hierarchy of Manchester United. he joined United in the year 2011 during the summers.