Sometimes, the sacrifices of some people are enough to make them heroes. It doesn’t matter if they are successful or not but if they gave their all.

For traditional football clubs especially, a club like Manchester United “giving your all”, “fighting for the shirt” are all very popular phrases for a reason: the Mancunians love them a fighter. One that fights as if he was born and brought up in Manchester.

David De Gea replaced one of Manchester United’s legend Edwin Van der Sar and although the Spaniard may not having any of the laurels of the Dutch man thanks to the particularly bleak period he’s been associated with the club, it is down to the very fact that while nearly every department in the club has come short, he is the one remaining beacon.

He is literarily the reason why Manchester United’s dark age wasn’t darker.

Club record signing Paul Pogba was set to miss the Liverpool game on Sunday and unfortunately for De Gea, he too picked up an injury while on national duty. It was however not surprising to see United fans freak out over De Gea’s dilemma more than Pogba or any other injured player for that matter.

Without David in post, Liverpool’s attack will have an easier day. The main reason why De Gea is so revered is the fact that despite having perhaps the worst backline compared to other goalkeepers in the other big 6 teams, he has outshone them season after season.

The struggles may continue. Manchester United may continue falling down the pecking order. Players will be bought and sold and regime changes in the coaching department is far from over but there is a big reason why David De Gea has remained the one constant since Ferguson departed the club and that reason is to enough to make him a revered Manchester United legend.