Future All Set for David De Gea

Manchester United has planned and is ready to pay the highest amount to this Spanish footballer in English football history. Even it is being said that now he will be in a long term contract with the club. Although the chairman of the club is also in search of a permanent manager and director, but he is tying Gea as the priority right now and wants him to set and conclude the deal.

It is said that this all is done to hold Gea in their club as he could be falling the eyes of Juventus and even the PSG team or any other football club or team all over the world if he leaves United. And this is the reason that United have agreed to pay a high amount as it is really hard to replace Gea to any other player.

“All though it is said that this all will be sorted soon because he will be entering the final and foremost“ year of his contract the next season or the coming season. It is also said that Gea's contract was set to expire this summer before Red Devil could activate or move his deal forward for one more year. This could also mean that Gea will be free to make his decision or leave United at the end of this season but “this could happen only“ when if parties don’t reach out to the new contract.

But according to the sources: in spite of ending the contract, they are going to make contract last for around the next 8 or 9 years. After Mesut Ozil, Paul Pogba and Alexi Sanchez come in David De Gea with the highest pay £90 million plus offer. This means that he can take around £365,000 per week to his home.