Match Report: Colombo Lions v Moragasmulla SC - Sat 20/11/10

Lions (sponsored by The Free Bets Website) - Shehantha - Goalie; Defence - John, Knut, Rob M, Sylvain; Midfield - Marlon, James, Laurent, Steve F, Aaron (Sub); Forward: Liam, Furrukh, Sam (Sub)

This game was another landmark game this season as it saw the return of Mr Osman to the Lions set up after 5 months away in the UK. You only realise the loss of a good thing when you have to do without and not having Mr Osman to arrange games, grounds etc has made it quite difficult at times so it was great to have him back. We also saw Sam pull on the Lions kit after many months away in the Maldives.

The dutiful Lions manager Furrukh made a recce to the ground earlier in the day so that the convoy of cars from McDonald's Rajagiriyiya wasn't driving around for hours looking for the ground. This was the first ever visit to Moragasmulla Rd which is only 2 km from our old opposition Obeysekera SC, where the Lions last game ended in a mass brawl and Liam being punched on the head. So there was a bit of apprehension as we walked through the turnstile gate into the ground. Mr Osman duly turned up and the Lions had been warming up for 20 mins before the first opposition player showed up. Just as he did a man was walking a cow tied to a piece of rope along the far touchline ensuring there was plenty of cow dung spread over the pitch.

The warm up consisted of the usual blasts at goal with most going wide or high and John entertained us with a few acrobatic attempts that went horribly wrong. Luckily the game did eventually start and the Lions started off very brightly with Liam running onto a pass and cutting the ball square for Furrukh who hit a shot wide of the post. A good early move by the Lions. The opposition though were not about to lie down and take the Lions attacks without any comeback. Very soon they were passing the ball around in mid field and putting some nice moves together. They were a young, fit, well organised team and they had the better of the midfield in the early exchanges. On more than one occassion Rob M, Knut and John were forced into making last ditch tackles to stop them from scoring. A through ball from their midfield however made it to the Lions 18 yard box and Shehantha came to kick but couldn't clear allowing their forward to have an empty net to roll the ball into. It was a very disappointing goal to lose as the Lions defence had been battling hard to keep their attackers at bay. 1-0 Moragasmulla SC.

It has been a long time since the Lions have tasted defeat and they weren't about to just roll over and let Moragasmulla take the game away from them. The Lions tried to play some decent football and there were some promising moves but nothing that was allowing clear chances on goal. The rain has started to fall heavily now and parts of the pitch were like a wet marsh on a very wet day! As ever Steve Foster was one of the main driving forces in midfield and he went on a determined run where he found himself at the bye line on the left side of the box. Looking up he spotted Marlon's run in from the right and put in a great cross. Both Marlon and the defender fought for the ball which fell at Marlon's feet and he made no mistake and smacked it into the back of the net. A well fought goal and no less than the Lions deserved. 1-1.

At one point the ball went wide to James and as he and Furrukh both set off towards it a cow came running on the pitch and both Furrukh and James let the calf take the ball. But for some reason the calf ran off without the ball and the opposition defender got it instead. It was a cheap trick by their defence to send on a cow to win the ball back but it worked and I'm still waiting for word back from FIFA as to whether that is allowed or not. Near the end of the half Liam looked like he was through only to be tackled very well by the centre back who sent Liam flying into a pile of mud. Out of nowhere Sam turned up on the pitch in his best Tennis Shoes and it transpired that Liam had eaten a couple of pounds of cow manure after that last challenge. Half Time 1-1.

The rain really started to pour down and we started the 2nd half with more water visible on the pitch than grass. Sam was allowed only 2 mins playing time due to inappropriate footwear and Marlon made way for Aaron who came on on the right. In the 2nd half again it was the opposition who seemed to be bossing the midfield but the Lions defence restricted them to few shots on goal. One good shot looked like it might be going in until Shehantha the cat leapt acrobatically to his left and clawed the ball to safety. Another TV action replay moment if we had cameras there.

The game eventually descended into a farce as every pass was being stopped in puddles so the match was eventually abandoned. So there was no official score at the end.

As we didn't complete this game we cannot have any official stats although I'm inclined to give Marlon his goal and Steve his assist but not sure what others think?

Kit Washing: Furrukh