These were all headlines after this epic encounter.
team: Shehanta, Steve Foster, Kish, John D., Marlon, Liam, Furrukh, James, Rob, Miguel

Basically the Lions, completely outplayed these youngesters, yet to find their true strength or ability on the ball. Although they had a few god players, the starting 11 was full of holes, which the lions soon found.

The lIons were knocking it about nicley, with James, perhaps making his debut- adding a calm essence to the midfiled and stroking it about nicely.

We were 6 v 1 up at half time. The OSC goal coming on half time, after practically the whole 11 of the lions were playing forward and after a good succession of 20 odd passses (think Argentina vs Serbia), the ball was lost and they scored. Our goals were:

James assist over the top, Liam ran on, rode a tackle from the keeper and scores.

Furrukh plays a ball into Liam’s cross field run, Liam collects ball and scores into the far corner. Miguel plays a short pass from the left to James at the edge of the box. He eludes two on rushing defenders and curls a well placed shot to the keeper’s left. James plays a square ball to Furrukh who takes a touch and puts it past the keeper.

James plays ball to Furrukh who spots Liam’s run and plays it to Liam, Liam plays the ball back into Furrukh who nicks it past a defender and hits a left foot shoot to the keeper’s left and into the back of the net. Miguel plays a ball down the right hand channel, Liam runs on to it, looks up to see Furrukh and James rushing into the box. Just as everyone is expecting him to square it he hits a low shot into the near post and the keeper is to slow to react and can only see the ball squeeze into the back of the net.

At half time - it turned around as the decision was made to swap our defense for theirs. Our defenders were forced to take off their prous lion jerseys and put on bibs. Although this did have a silver lining, providing comedy gold, with Rob (a big lad) being given a tiny little netted blue bib. He wore it with pride (gay pride) and looked like the love child of Freddy Mercury and Chris Evans.

This may have been our undoing. As they came back with our defense and their defense letting in more goals than ever, for a final score of 6 v 4. This does show how good our defense is and how the rest of the team needs a good defense to work off and get the ball foward, so well done lads.

This was also a debut for John D., who had a super game and is a solid contribution to our line up.

Goals: Liam 3, Furrukh 2, James 1.
Assists: James 2, Furrukh 2, Miguel 2,
MOM: Liam
Quote of the Game: Don’t think there was one.
Miss of the Season Contender: Don’t think there was one.
Goal of the Season: Don’t think there was one.