Mourinho says he has no idea about Mendes’ statement

Jose Mourinho has said that he doesn’t want to pay any attention to the comment that was made by Jorge Mendes a few days ago about his situation at Manchester United.

United has not been one of the best performing teams in the Premiership this season and most of the supporters are not very happy with the coach for the obvious reasons. The speculations were rife that Mourinho might actually be shown the door by the United hierarchy soon, but Mendes who represents Mourinho tried to clear the air recently saying that there isn’t any bit of truth in these speculations and that Mourinho’s association with the Red Devils is going to be long.

When Mourinho himself was asked about it, he said he has no idea what Mendes has said in the press and he doesn’t want to go too much into it either.

Mourinho also stressed that while the supporters of the club have a strong attachment with the club, it’s a wrong perception that the coaches or other professionals who come and work for the club don’t have that attachment because they are not here on a permanent basis.

Using himself as an example, Mourinho said that a few seasons back, he had no connection with United. He was coaching somewhere else, but after coming here at United, he has developed as strong a connection and attachment with the club as any supporter would have. So the professionals also get attached to the club and it’s not that only the supporters have that attachment.

“Nobody in Manchester or connected with Manchester cares more“
about “the club than myself“.” Mourinho was quoted saying by

“We, the professionals, feel everything, every day, every second.” Mourinho added.

United is at no. 6 in the Premiership table at the moment.