The Manchester United manager, Louis Van Gaal, would be interested in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford this winter, but, he doesn’t think his current club Real Madrid would make him available for sale.

Ronaldo is spending his 5th summer at Madrid at the moment and he seems to have started feeling the need of getting out of there now. The club’s decision to sell some of his closest mates has not gone well with him and he has been reported to be very unhappy with the club hierarchy especially the president.

At the start of the summer, Ronaldo had hinted that a Manchester United return somewhere down the line is not out of question for him, though he had ruled it out for the time being because United weren't anywhere near the top of the Champions League betting tables - indeed, they aren't even in the competition!

When Van Gaal was asked if Ronaldo’s second stint at United is on the cards, he said, “If and when they are ready to sell him, we would definitely try, but, I can’t see them letting him go in near future.”

“The guys such as Ronaldo make your job slightly easier as manager. They are versatile and they give you a lot of options.”

The Dutchman however played down the reports that Robin Van Persie’s place in the Red Devils’ starting XI is in danger now with the signing of Falcao.

In the words of Van Gaal, “There is no competition between the two of them. They both are impact players and I admire both of them. Wayne and Adnan are there as well for us. So, I’ve got a few players to pick from.”

United, having won only 1 out of the 4 games in the league this season, is out of top 5 in the points’ table.

Chelsea (12 points) is leading the table at the moment with Aston Villa at the second position with 10 points.